Chippens Davao Buffet

Contrary to popular freelancing belief, I am not an independent freelancer. I do belong to a team of web programmers, coiled under one company. The only thing that makes us different from most outsourcing companies is that, we don’t have a physical office space. Now I doubt if I could still categorize myself as “freelancer”. *random thoughts*Anyway, Every end of the month, our team would meet-up, dine out, and get our month’s worth of hard work. Last night, we decided to indulge to a feast of gastronomic treats. We headed all the way to Roxas Avenue and dined at Chippens Davao Buffet.

Chippens is not new to me and I can still remember the very first time I had a taste of their orgasmic chocolate moist cake. It was one of the best tasting chocolate cakes I’ve ever had. I was a freshmen college then. Our school is just a few walks away from Chippens, so you could just imagine!

Here’s a photodump for you. The place was not crowded last night, so I had the liberty to take a lot of photos

Baby Back Ribs
Spring Rolls
Salad Bar
Carrot Cake
Choco Moist cake, my love! =)

I was pretty pleased with the selection of the food that was served, as always. I trust Chippens cooking style, since almost everything has that international touch, infused with Filipino taste. Food is great and worth every penny spent. Buffet costs 349php/head. Rather expensive. But if you wanna make the most out of it, I suggest you skip a meal before heading over to Chippens! LOL!

Four Seasons Juice
My zerts! =)

And of course, I was again in 7th heaven with my dessert plate! Happy sweet tooth! =)

Chippens is located at Roxas Avenue, Davao City
Buffet – 349php/head

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