Davao Life Is Here:Zabadani Cafe

I hope you’re not yet tired reading about my Davao: Life Is Here posts. I promise this is the last one. =pAfter touring around the metro the whole day, we finally retired and  had our snacks at Zabadani Cafe, an Islamic Ethnic Restaurant that serves authentic halal foods derived from Syria. Zabadani is an Aramaic term, which means “core of goodness”.


[photos below courtesy of Gian]

When we entered the resto, the very first thing I noticed was the interior design. The ambiance is very cozy with a touch of Islamic feel. For a moment, I thought I traveled through time and space and landed to a real food place situated in the middle east.

As for the food, I have to admit that it took a while for me to adjust to the “halal-ness” (excuse my word.. =P) of the dishes. Don’t get me wrong, I love Shawarma. But it’s not everyday that I get to dig into authentic Shawarma goodness. The spices took me by surprise at first and I could not decide whether I could continue with it, or not. But I’m glad I faced my fear and eventually, I did enjoy everything laid on our table.

Zabadani Turn Over – 105php

Zabadani Turn Over is similar to quesadilla with ground beef in it. It’s very soft and I like that the ground beef is well distributed, and very tasty, too. It’s best enjoyed with garlic sauce, although you have to be careful with the sauce since the after taste may last up to 8 hours.

Beef Shawarma – 95php

For me, this isn’t for the brave of heart, especially when you’re not used to authentic halal foods. It contains beef strips, tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, and spices. The flavor is bursting in your mouth,which is really interesting. I like that the beef strips are cooked well, plus the pita bread is chewy and delish! I can’t very well describe the taste, because yeah, I don’t really know how to describe middle eastern dishes. But one thing is for sure, this is a must-try when you visit Zabadani. Can’t leave a middle-eastern cafe without having Shawarma, right?

Pita Shateera – 105php

This is almost similar to Shawarma, but a lot more tastier. I’d say this is my favorite among the bunch. As you can see, it has tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, and beef inside a folded pita bread. The difference between Pita Shateera and Shawarma is that, Shateera is made with ground beef and tomato sauce. Plus, the spices are quite subtle, which I truly enjoyed.

Aryan; plain – 70php, flavored – 80php
Macademia Nut Syrup being poured to the Aryan drink

Oh I love this drink! Aryan is basically a yogurt drink, which is good in neutralizing spices. You can have it plain or with a dash of flavored syrup. We were able to try Aryan infused with Macadamia Nut Syrup. It was heaven in a glass! I would drink this everyday if I could! Do try this if you happen to visit Zabadani.

Posing with the owner, Mr. Wadilkhaery Ibn Mohammad Ali. Can you spot him? =D

I have to say this, I really appreciate that they served generously, it was almost overwhelming. Thank you so much Kuya Wadi! =)

Zabadani Cafe is located at The Peak 4th Level Gaisano Mall of Davao , 8000

Contact: +63 (82) 301-6065 / 302-5886
Facebook: Zabadani – The Peak

3 thoughts on “Davao Life Is Here:Zabadani Cafe

  1. i love Zabadani Cafe and i'll see to it na every week i could visit the place at least once… my favorite is beef kabsa…

    PS: i can spot sir wadi =D buti napapayag nyo papicture… LOL


  2. We were his guest kasi that time, as his cafe was part of the destination included in our Davao Bloggers Tour by the Davao Tourism. We dined there for free. =)


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