360 ° Hand Shaked Milk Tea

I’ve been trying to cut down my coffee, soda and chocolate drink intake. What’s left for me? Fresh juice, good ol’ water, and tea. It’s no secret that Milk Teas have begun invading the mainstream world of beverages; they’re now selling like hot pancakes. Enter 360 ° Hand Shaked Milk Tea.

I’ve only tried three different Milk Tea brands here in Davao; the first was Tealoca, which I didn’t quite like because they’re expensive for a tea fix, Madhatter which I can’t seem to visit frequently because they’re only available at the far-flung Abreeza Mall (roughly about an hour away from our home) and they’re also expensive, and lastly 360 ° Hand Shaked Milk Tea, which I’m starting to love because 1.) They are easily accessible from where I live, and 2.) Very cheap! Price range is 30php – 49php, only. How’s that?

Caramel Milk Tea with Tapioca Pearls (49php)

There are a lot of variants to try, but I always find myself ordering Caramel Milk Tea (with pudding or tapioca pearls) and Pearl Milk Tea. Both taste divine, that’s if you’re a fan of tea. I like that the texture is very smooth with just the right amount of sweetness. You get a good punch of dairy that compliments the tea infusion very well. I’ve also tried their Pure Choco variant, which tasted like Maltesers chocolate, and their Passion Fruit Green Tea, which tasted okay. It’s actually good, it’s just that I’m partial to milk tea, that’s all. =)

I’m not sure if 360 ° Hand Shaked Milk Tea is available in other parts of the country, because when I googled it, all the sites that went out on the first page were from Davao. 360 ° Hand Shaked Milk Tea is available at Malvar St. (In front of Davao Doctor’s College), SM City Davao, NCCC Mall Davao, and Abreeza Mall (coming soon).

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