The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Abreeza Branch

Yesterday was a total bummer. My internet connection acted up on me, so I had no choice but to head over a coffee shop to save my daily tasks. I went to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf because I’ve heard good things about it from my friends. I’ve never been here before, so I thought I’d give it a try.

The place is quite cozy although I would appreciate it if it had more lighting. Not really a problem, that’s just my own preference. But suffice to say, the place was really clean and it has a warm ambiance that I really liked.


Peach Fruit Tea (145php)

I wasn’t in the mood for coffee, so I ordered their ice blended fruit tea. I ordered the peach tea variant because I love anything with peach fruit in it. I was expecting it to have that strong tea taste, but surprisingly, it’s a burst of fruity goodness. The peach concentrate overpowered the tea. It’s very refreshing, too.


Chocolate Chip Cookie (55php)


I was also not in the mood for cakes or sandwiches, so I ordered their chocolate chip cookies instead. I can’t say it was a disappointment, but I didn’t really liked it. The cookie itself was yummy, although the chocolate was too sweet for my taste. I was also scraping for more chocolate goodness, which I sadly didn’t get. It’s actually good, but nothing that would give you intense cookie orgasm.


Now, let me just whine a little. I’m not gonna go back to this coffee place, unless someone forces me to. I wasn’t very happy with their customer service. They were, for lack of better words, inconsistent/discriminatory.

Case in Point: After placing my order, they told me that they’d just call my name when it’s ready. They’re very Starbucks-y on that point. I was okay with it until two ladies in crisp blazers came in and they were served right at their seats. I was like, what? Just because I was wearing shorts I had to do self-service, while ladies in professional suits get special attention? I was 100% sure they weren’t the store owners. How’s that for discrimination? And, what’s more disappointing is that, when I asked the cashier for their password, she told me that I need to have a Swirl Card (195php) for me to be able to use their Wi-Fi. I paid 200php for a drink, sub-standard cookie, and self-service and they won’t let me use their Wi-Fi. Great, just great! There’s no way I’m shelling out 195php for a card. I got so pissed, I hurriedly jugged down my drink and ate half of the cookie. I was gone in ten minutes.


The Coffee Bean & Tea Lea is located at the G/F Abreeza Mall, Davao City

6 thoughts on “The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Abreeza Branch

  1. I love your camera shots. What do you use? I actually like that cookie. It's big for 55 pesos. All CBTL yata don't have free wifi. Sucks big time. Mas masarap ang Starbucks kaso mas crowded. Haha!


  2. Yay! Thanks! I use a Canon IXUS 210. This camera makes me forget about owning a DSLR. Haha Oo nga eh, lalo yung Starbucks namin didto sa Abreeza Mall, super liit. I didn't want to shove myself in there. =D


  3. Sometimes they don't serve, sometimes they do. It's not being discriminatory, it's just yeah, inconsistent. But if free wi-fi and service are all you look for in a coffee shop, you were better off some place else.


  4. Ay ang bad! I haven't tried CBTL yet. Maybe I will, someday. But thanks to your post, at least I won't be shocked at their discriminatory attitude (crossing fingers). Palagi pa naman akong yagit at “gusgusin” pag pupunta sa mall… 😀


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