Starbucks (and what’s the deal about it)

I have this thinking that Starbucks is just an overrated, overpriced coffee shop fitted for people who want to put the “high” in their class. Turned out, I was wrong. Well sure, it’s for people with quite a dime to spare, but it’s also for people like me, who’s willing to go beyond the budget for an amazing gastronomic feast.
Last Saturday, my sister and I went for an early stroll around China Town (in search of the infamous Vivienne Westwood wedges). We found it, but now we’re having second thoughts. It’s practicality versus going with the trend. You know what I’m saying?  ANYWAY, After drenching with heat and exhaustion, we decided to treat ourselves with Starbucks, SM City Davao branch.

I got the Mocha Cookie Crumble Frapuccino (Tall, 165php). I always order this interchangeably with White Choloclate Mocha Espresso.

I love this because it’s an orgasmic feast of smooth, velvety mocha whip cream on top of a well-blended frappucino. And oh, let’s not forget the teeny-bitty cookie crumbles that add texture to this coffee indulgence. I’ve been to a lot of coffee shops here in the city, but nothing ever taste like Starbucks’ frapuccinos.

Here’s Mr. Whoopie Chocolate Cream Pie (75php). We ordered this because it was cute and scary with those pair of eyes and slurpee tongue. But presentation aside, I love it. The chocolate is chewy and not too sweet, just the way I like it. It’s bursting with chocolate goodness, too (and calories, if you’d point that. Meh!). I only finished half of it though because it’s heavy on the stomach.

As for the place, I like the fact that Starbucks SM is a lot bigger than the one in Abreeza. Also, it’s not crowded every single time I come to visit. So yes, I think I found my new hangout place.

Here’s my sister with her Dark Mocha Frap.
My version of indulgence
Hi there, Iron Man!
Thor, be mine!
What sorcery is this? TROLL FACE!

6 thoughts on “Starbucks (and what’s the deal about it)

  1. whoopi pie! i don;t have a sweet tongue pero binili ko toh out of curiousity. 😛 sarap pala nya, lalo na yung loob. parang dense molten marshmallow.


  2. Wahahaha! This is one fun post! cute nyo ng sister mo. 😀 wanna take advantage of SB's half price on Mondays next week tuloy (cheapskate alert wahahaha)


  3. hmmm, ma try nga. i haven't tasted starbucks, except for their coffee grains that i brewed myself. hehehe! and for that, i better research about the happy hour. *barat*


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