Antonio’s Bar and Grill

Even if I love to spend on food, I never really drag myself to restaurants that I know for sure, would drill a hole in my pocket. But one fateful November, I was feeling so blessed with the bounty of  my hard work that I wanted to treat myself for a job well done. I dragged Yuan along to a place I’ve been eyeing ever since I spotted it at SM City Davao. Enter Antonio’s Bar and Grill.
It says ‘bagong sarap’ because they underwent a major revamp on their interiors.

Sorry that I don’t have a photo of the interiors, but all I can say is that, the place is very  cozy with a nice and warm ambiance. The place was not congested when we ate there, so I pretty much enjoyed the experience without fuzz. Also, the sofa was quite huge. There’s plenty of room for everybody. A good place for group dining!

Antonio’s menu caters to all Filipino dishes (which I like because I’m all for the locals. My taste bud is very Pinoy!). Here’s what we got for our hungry tummies:

Grilled Squid, 400gms and Beef Steak Tagalog

We got both our favorite dishes (squid for Yuan and Pinoy beef steak for me). Food is superb! The flavors are just right and every bite bursts in your mouth. I love the steak! Very Pinoy! It’s not sweet, which I like because I’m not fan of sweet dishes. Sugar, for me, should only be redundant on desserts. period. Plus, the meat melts in your mouth, just the way I like it. We paid about more than 700-ish for the entire meal. Not bad, right? Considering the 400mg squid and the generous serving of the steak.

This resto is definitely a keeper and I won’t mind blowing 700 bucks, if only to satisfy my pinoy food cravings!

The painting that I so wanted to steal! LOL!
Truly one of Davao’s Best!
Yep, can’t go by without a tandem photo op! =p

If you’re living in Davao, go drag your butts to this good  homegrown resto. If you’re visiting Davao, you can find Antonio’s Bar and Grill at the ground floor of SM City, along Quimpo Boulevard.

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